On BBC news website, there is one section includes 6 categories - Autos, Capital, Future, Culture, Earth, Travel. Under each category, it contents lots of attractive videos and images. which created by BBC's photographers, reporters, and writers. During the BBC internship, as the request of BBC worldwide creative solution team, I was assigned a project to create BBC video's App on iPad platform. 



Here is the flow chart to show the procedure of creating the BBC videos App



Before diving into the wireframes and interfaces design. I was asked to research some competitor's video App such as CNN, Reuters, and Youtube. In this way, I can use them as the reference, and then design the right features of what a video App should have.


Combining the result of research the competitors' Apps, I started design the wireframes of this video App. It totally has 5 major interfaces- Home Page, Video Flow Page, Detail Page, Pause Page, Switch To Other Session Page.


User interface design 

I tried to make all user interfaces into simple design, easy to use. At the same time, I tried to keep consistency from the origingal BBC website. For example, I choose the same theme color of each session as same as on the website, like Auto's them color are dark yellow. Also, the fonts are the same as the website.