Fooriend (app design)


Fooriend is an App designed for food lovers sell or buy amazing nearby homemade foods. It's a platform allows people who can cook amazing food run a small business to earn extra money. Users can also order food, get free recipes, and share cooking experience. 


User Senario

Here are the user senario and user research to make sure that some food lovers have demands to use FOORIEND before diving into the design process. 




Fooriend has 4 major functions- Food field, Recipes, Nearby, and Profile. After establishing the functions, I started creating wireframes to set the basic layout of this App.


User interface design 

Based and the wireframe and flowchart, I designed the user interface of FOORIEND app. Simple and intuitive design, I choose light orange as the call for action button. I did 3 times iteration based on the user testing and feedback.  I try to maintain the consistency among all the interfaces, like font size, space, icon style. 


Icon design