Mercedes Benz GPS Design / APP DESIGN


I participated this project at the request of Mercedes Benz to designed an interactive experience GPS. My role in the team is to design both user interface and motion effect. This GPS allows human's touch interaction to control the system. We wanted to create a full engagement experience for the users to interact with GPS when they are driving a car. Our team picked up Chinese falls as a element, we transferred the falls element into Chinese ancient character 惊, then use this character to design the layout and shape of Mercedes Benz GPS. It was a good experience for me to design user interface that escape tablet, smartphone, and website. From the aesthetic standpoint, I choose to pick dark color as the major tone, it feels more elegant. Also, because after the user group research, we felt most people driving this model Mercedes are business man. Moreover, the user behavior to interactive with this GPS is tap, Dual control, and sound control. 


Based on the shape of Chinese ancient character, we drew several sketch. 



user interface 

Fooriend has 4 major functions- Food field, Recipes, Nearby, and Profile. After establishing the functions, I started creating wireframes to set the basic layout of this App.

Login- when you unlock your smart phone, you can directly login into GPS

News- User can connect with their social media accounts to get news notification. 

Phone call 

Dual control- User can use dual control board write characters 

Map/Home; User can use Dual control to switrch function between Map, News, and Contacts